I am quite pleased with the desk. It is beautifully fashioned and I have enjoyed using it since its arrival.

Roddey Dowd, Sr., Chairman of the Board

Charlotte Pipe and Foundry Company

Charlotte, North Carolina

I got the maple stand-up desk this week and you're right -- it looks great. The folks in my office have all been making excuses to come by and check it out. I even find others working at it when I come back from lunch.

Catherine Barrad


Sidley & Austin

Los Angeles, CA

My own pleasure with the desk has less to do with my back than with my general pleasure of standing and using my body -- I have always found it difficult to sit and sit and sit; some of my best ideas come when walking, pacing, etc. So I am enjoying the desk a great deal -- I like leaning into it, writing on it, reading at it, just looking at the grain of the wood...My only regret is not having one years ago. I would bet that there are many endomorphic faculty types who would find this type of desk liberating...

Martin J. Gliserman

Professor of English

Rutgers University

New Brunswick, New Jersey

The stand-up desk which you built for our 27th floor library is a beautiful piece of furniture and a useful addition to that space. It has been received with unqualified approval...no easy feat in a large law firm!...I have enjoyed doing business with your company and appreciate the personal attention you have included with your craftsmanship...

Sara R. Edwards

Facility Manager

Ice Miller Donadio & Ryan

Indianapolis, Indiana

Thanks again for the wonderful addition to my office. I worked for many years at a make-shift stand-up arrangement. I am enjoying my third week at the new desk and my the only regret is having waited so long to invest in this lifetime piece of furniture...From our initial meetings to agree upon a design to a timely delivery at my office, this purchase was a first class experience.

Thomas A. Murray, Managing Member

Community Wireless Structure, Falls Church, VA

It is a beautiful piece of workmanship and I expect will receive many years of service and pleasure. Many thanks to you and your staff for your care, attention, and skill.

Robert V. Hunter, Attorney

Hunter and Hartnett

Dewitt, New York

First, be advised that the desk height is appropriate and I consider the desk to be an excellent piece of furniture and a welcome addition to my office. As you can well imagine, being the first to get one, I have had to 'demo' the desk to others in my company and feel that you may be receiving further orders in the future as everyone who has seen it likes it.

J.T. Miller, Vice President, Remarketing

Metlife Capital Credit Corporation

Stamford, Connecticut

Just a note to say I love my new desk, which is beautifully crafted and just what I was looking for. I appreciate your help in making choices...

Paul D. Jacokes


Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP

Washington, D.C.

Just a quick note to let you know the desk and stool just arrived, in perfect condition. They look great...It was a pleasure doing business with your firm. Please feel free to use me as a reference and to use prospective customers in this area to contact me if they'd like to inspect the desk or stool. I am 100% satisfied with both pieces and with the entire process of dealing with your firm, from start to finish...Keep up the good work.

David Salem

President & CEO

The Investment Fund for Foundations

Lebanon, New Hampshire

I am enjoying my stand-up desk even more than expected. Several people have shown an interest and I think I will be sending some business your way. I am very pleased with its appearance and construction.

Warner C. Frazier

President, Simplicity Manufacturing, Inc.

Port Washington, Wisconsin

I just wanted to let you know that I was pleased, not only with the quality of workmanship exhibited in the construction of the desk, but also with the high degree of integrity of service exhibited by the Stand-Up Desk Company...Physically, I feel better as a result of using a stand-up desk more frequently than I do my regular desk and, in fact, find it an inconvenience when working in my office in England where I do not have the luxury of a stand-up desk and must be chair bound.

Joseph F. Miller

President, Great Lakes Products, Inc.

Indianapolis, Indiana

I'm delighted with my desk. If you need any testimonials, or if I can be of any assistance to you in this area, I'll be delighted to help you in any way I can ... As I told you, I spent five years looking at stand-up desks at museums and antique stores and formulated a design that I felt was best for me. Your design incorporated all the features of mine and added a number of features that I had not thought of.

Grady Avant, Jr., Attorney

Long, Preston, Kinnaird & Avant

Detroit, Michigan

I wished to tell you how pleased I was with my new stand-up desk. The design and the craftmanship are superb. I have been looking for this type of desk for three years. I am grateful that I waited for the right one to come along. I look forward to growing old with this desk.

John P. Rattigan, Jr., Attorney

Reed and O'Reilly

Boston, Massachusetts

An outstanding piece of craftmanship! Obviously built by people who care to do the best!

William H. Foster, Senior Vice President

Union Trust Company

Stamford, Connecticut

The desk arrived yesterday in good shape and I must tell you that it is even better than I expected. The craftsmanship is absolutely superb and I feel better working at it already.

Sherman N. Smith, III, Attorney

Smith, O'Haire, Quinn & Garris

Vero Beach, Florida

Having owned and used the Stand-Up desk you made for me for the past several weeks, I would like to tell you what a beautiful and useful piece of furniture it is. Its value to me (and especially my back) far exceeds my expectations. You and your craftsmen are to be congratulated.

Charles E. Miller, Attorney

Pennie & Edmonds

New York, New York

I am extraordinarily pleased with the stand-up desk you built for me. The dimensions are perfect for my height and it's beautifully constructed. I would be willing to recommend it to anyone who does a great deal of writing and research.

David R. Jones, General Director

Community Service Society of New York

New York, New York

The desk is beautiful and useful...I'll certainly keep your address handy to provide admirers, and I'd be delighted if we can generate a little more business for you...If you're ever in our vicinity, I'd be delighted if you'd drop in and see your work in its new home.

Walter Rugaber, President and Publisher

Roanoke Times and World News

Roanoke, Virginia