The original Stand-Up Desk Company has been in business since 1983.  Over the years we have seen the competition come and go; some have imitated us and some have outright copied our design, but as with any copy, it’s never as good as the original.  When we started the company, we set out with the purpose of making the best stand-up desk we could; the process and product evolved over a long period of time, never abetted by stealing someone else’s idea.  We pride ourselves on this hard work and dedication to detail.  Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, said “God is in the details”, and this is where we set ourselves apart from the other guy.


We start by selecting the finest Appalachian hardwood, following the tradition of using hardwood dowel construction; our principal competitors screw their desks together.  As an analogy, compare a kitchen cabinet from IKEA to a fine piece of cabinetry,  Next we use hardware of the highest quality; hinges for our lids are solid brass recessed so as to make a smooth transition from our lift tops to the 8.5 inch flat area at the top of the desk.  The primary difference between The Stand-Up Desk Company and our competition is the level of refinement of our furniture; each piece is meticulously hand sanded to soften the edge and create a memorable piece of furniture that is not only beautiful to look at, but also a joy to use.


Our desk is a bit more expensive, it is because we put more labor into each piece, creating a superior, longer lasting desk.  As with most works of quality, the value of our desks will probably increase over time. The final, critical step, which gives the desk a museum quality, is the finish.  We apply 5 coats of finish, painstakingly hand sanded between coats.  Photos on the internet in no way do justice to displaying our products.  Therefore we invite you to make an appointment to visit and see for yourself in our Arlington, Virginia showroom.